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Alaska Wildflowers

WILDFLOWERS for Alaska and Cold Weather Areas

A hardy mixture of wildflower suitable to Alaska and other areas with cold climates. This easy to grow mixture of colorful annual, biennial and perennial species will give you a range of different looks throughout the growing season and many varieties will live over to give you a permanent wildflower garden.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Sow seed from early spring through early fall. Mix seed with sand or soil and broadcast over an area previously lightly cultivated. Lightly rake seed into soil or cover with light soil to a depth of 1/8 inch.

SPACING: When scattering seed mixture try to leave ample space between seeds to allow enough room for growth and best coverage of mixture. This packet will cover up to 18 sq. ft.

GERMINATI0N: The different species germinate over a range of from one to four weeks or more. Keep soil moderately mist during germination and until plants become well established.

Ed's Special Advice

After plants become established, water only as necessary. Remove weeds from wildflower garden as they appear. Mowing plants in the fall helps scatter seeds and provides some mulch cover during winter. Resowing seeds into the wildflower garden each spring helps maintain best color and species diversity for a fuller more beautiful wildflower display. Included in this mix are some of the species pictured and many others. Included, depending upon availability, may be; Yarrow, Alyssum, Bachelor Buttons, Wallflower, Daisy, Foxglove, Gilia, Dame's Rocket, Blue and Scarlet Flax, Maltese Cross, Nemophila, Evening Primrose, Iceland Poppy, Penstemon, Black Eyed Susan, Forget Me Not, Lupine, Viola, Columbine, Clarkia, Snow in Summer, Rocket Larkspur and Nodding Catchfly.


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