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Royal Family Sweet Peas  Jumbo Royal Family Sweet Peas

SWEET PEAS Royal Family Mix

Annual - One Season Plant - Height 5 feet or more

A popular annual vine. Its beauty and fragrance is outstanding in the garden or as cut flowers in the home. Long flowering season.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Directly into the garden in early spring, as soon as the soil is workable. Plant seed in a trench 6" deep and cover with 1" of fine soil. As plants become established fill in trench gradually.

TRELLIS SUPPORT: Provide string and trellis support when vines are 3-6 inches tall.

GERMINATION: Completely dependent upon outdoor temperatures and soil warmth. Usually 10 days to 2 weeks. For quicker germination soak seeds overnight before planting.

Ed's Special Advice

When possible plant rows in a north-south direction for best sun exposure and good air circulation. Keep moist throughout the growing period. Keep flowers picked to ensure flowering for the longest possible time. Plants prefer rich, well cultivated soil.


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