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Summer in the Garden


What special care do houseplants require during the summer? Not much! Most of the tropical houseplants should be kept out of direct exposure to sunlight, otherwise the sun could burn the leaves.

Continue to water them on a regular basis, just as you would the rest of the year!

Summer is the growing season for houseplants, so be sure to feed them once or twice this summer. You can use any all-purpose houseplant food, applying it according to label instructions.

If your plants need to be trimmed and shaped a little, this is a great time groom them.

Jade plants, Poinsettias, and Christmas Cactus can be placed outdoors during the summer, but bring them back indoors in late August or early September. Put them in a semi-shaded area where they are protected from direct (burning) sunlight. outdoors.


Specialists say the lawn needs approximately one-inch of water per week, during the warm summer months. So if it rains 1/2" during the week, then you only need to put-down an additional 1/2" of water.

The habit is to water frequently, for short periods of time. Actually, this procedure does more harm than good, because it encourages the grass roots to grow close to the surface, where water and fertilizer are most readily available. Then, when the weather gets hot, the grass with its shallow roots, dries out quite rapidly.

It's much better to water thoroughly, allowing the moisture to penetrate deeply into the soil. In other words, leave a sprinkler in one location until the water has penetrated to a depth of about six inches. In most soils, about one inch of actual water applied on the surface will penetrate to a depth of approximately six inches.

The best time to water the lawn is during the coolest part of the day, during the morning hours or in the evening.


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