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Killing Water Lilies

On your TV show recently, you talked about cutting water lillies to eliminate them. Please clarify if they are to be cut 6 inches below water level or 6 inches off stem from top of the leaf.

Cut them 6 inches below water level. By the way, this is a two-year project, so you will not get them the first year. I have tried this method in our lake and it works.

Mole Ranger Information

You have mentioned a mole trap called the "mole ranger" and then said we could find more information on your web site. I can't find the information.

 The folks that carried the mole ranger have retired.  I'm not certain the trap is available in the US any longer.

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Transplanting Raspberries

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and am interested in transplanting some of my raspberry plants. I am not sure what time of the year is best to get this done.

The best time to transplant is immediately after the plants have finished producing, if the weather is cool. Otherwise, I would suggest you wait until late winter or early spring. Plant raspberries in full sun, in soil that has ample amounts of organic humus mixed into it. Organic humus is compost, well-rotted manure, peat moss, etc.

 I have searched the net for any info on transplanting raspberry bushes and can't seem to find anything. We recently bought a house and we have approximately 2-50' rows of raspberries. The problem is that they are planted in the middle of the lawn and we would like to move them to the end of the yard. We are unsure of when or how we do this, any info you can supply us with will be very helpful. We live in central Ontario, so the time of year we do this will probably make a difference.

 In Ontario because of the cold winters, I would suggest you wait until early spring to transplant your raspberries. If you can provide some winter protection, (straw), you could transplant in the fall.

Harvesting Spaghetti (Winter) Squash

I would like to know when it is time to pick spaghetti squash? This is my first year growing them and have no clue what to do.

Spaghetti squash is a winter squash and takes about 100 to 120 days to maturity. So they can be harvested as the vines die back, or once they have gained color. You may want to pick one early, if color is good, and it appears to be mature, and test it. With most types of winter squash, when the stem begins to turn yellow or light brown that is an indicator that the fruit is ready to be harvested.

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