Mole Ranger

Your Mole... Is Our Goal

Joe and Dorothy Massett, professional mole catchers, recommend the MOLE RANGER half-barrel tunnel trap.   It is easy to set and is safe around children and pets.  The MOLE RANGER trap has been used in England since the early 1900's.

Did You Know.....?

  • Moles do not eat gum
  • Moles do not eat Ex-Lax
  • Moles mate in January and February and their young are full grown by May
  • The female does not make hills
  • The male does the major tunneling
  • Females are harder to catch
  • Moles do not hibernate
  • The MOLE RANGER half barrel trap is unique because it's the only trap that can catch 2 moles at one time (We have caught over 100 doubles)

Please Do Not...

  • Handle a mole without gloves
  • Use gasoline, acetylene or propane in a mole run

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