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Iceland Poppy

ICELAND POPPY Gartford Giants Mixed Colors

Perennial - Permanent Plant - Height 12 to 18 inches

See our test garden photo of: Iceland Poppy

A beautiful, permanent addition to any flower garden. Sweet smelling delicate flowers of white, yellow, gold, apricot and orange 4 inches in diameter. Excellent in borders or for mass plantings, makes a nice cut flower.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Sow outdoors in sunny location after danger of frost has passed or start earlier indoors in individual peat pots. Do not cover seeds with soil but firmly press into soil with the back of your hand. Keep soil evenly moist until seedlings are up.

TRANSPLANTING AND SPACING: When plants are two inches high, thin 8 to 1 0 inches apart. Transplant individually potted plants after danger of frost has passed.

GERMINATION: From one to two weeks depending upon soil and weather conditions.

Ed's Special Advice

When possible sow seeds in permanent location. Plants do not transplant well. Plants will bloom first year or sow in summer for blooms the following spring. Pick fading flowers for extended blooming period. Pick in the bud stage and sear stem end with flame for best results with cut flowers.


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