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Wintering Calibrachoa

This is the first year I purchased calibrachoa and I loved it. My question is: will it come back next summer? and what should I do to winterize it?

It is an annual, so in a normal winter will not survive. However, I did get  one to winter outdoors a couple of our milder winters. You can try to winter it much like you would a fuchsia. See my article on the website Wintering Geraniums, Fuchsias and Begonias.


Fall Color Fizzle

My Burning bush and Bayberry bush have no color, the leaves are falling off, they look terrible. I can not find a fertilizer that will snap them out of it. I live in a very rural community, not a lot of information available, what is a "Acid type" Fertilizer?

'Rhododendron' or 'Evergreen' fertilizers are the ones generally sold as 'Acid Type' fertilizers. Burning bush needs full hot sun and thrives on a bit of neglect. Too much care or not enough sun are the reasons the plants do not have bright fall color. Both are deciduous plants and lose their leaves at this time of year. The best time to feed them is in late winter or earliest spring…not now.


How Much to Prune Clematis

have a clematis plant i just planted it this summer. so im not to sure what i am supposed to do for it in the winter months. i live in souther wisconsin. ive been told to cut it back to about 6" in highth but i wanted to make sure before i did anything.

Clematis are quite hardy plants. Usually they are cut back to about waist height, in the autumn or early winter. Then if they have been damaged by winter, they can be cut back further, as the new growth begins.


Pruning Hibiscus

Our hibiscus plants are huge. My husband wants to know if it is ok to prune them. The flowers are a tangerine color.

Yes, they can be pruned. If you live in the northwest or any northern area they will look pruned all winter. If you live in the south (warmer climates) they should continue to grow and pruning is not a factor. Usually we prune them in the spring, just as the new growth starts.

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