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Transplanting Gladiolas

I would like to move my gladiola bulbs to a different area.  When is the best time of year to do this? 

This fall, after they have finished flowering is the best time. Store them over winter, then replant in the early spring. Keep the corms (bulbs) in a cool, well ventilated spot over winter. Temperatures must remain above freezing in their storage area.


Controlling Scotch Broom

I've checked through your Archives and am not able to fine any information on Scotch Broom. I bought a parcel of land and it is overrunn with scotch broom and would like to know, what can I do to get rid of this awful weed ? Can you give me any idea on how to go about that ?

The foliage on this plant is very small and therefore difficult to control. Try 'Round-up' but be certain to add a tablespoonful of liquid detergent soap with each gallon of spray…..as a spreader-sticker. It will take several weeks for the spray to work, up to six weeks. Be careful, if you get the spray on any desirable plants it will kill them too.


Hibiscus Not Blooming

I have two potted hibiscus plants which I purchased over 3 years ago. I have pruned them back extensively when I brought them inside for fall/winter. My problem is that neither has flowered in the subsequent summers since the first bountiful summer they were purchased.

Any suggestions on how to get them to flower again?

Go light on any future pruning. Feed the plants during the spring and early summer growing seasons with 0-10-10. One of the brands you will find in the garden centers is 'Alaska Mor' Bloom. Feed monthly March through July, following label instructions.


Starting A Mandavilla From Cuttings

I need to know how to root a mandavilla from cuttings that I'm taking?

Take a cutting of mature tip growth. The cutting can be about 4 to six inches long. Don't just take one, because without greenhouse conditions, you will be lucky to get one of 4 or 5 to actually root. Start them in a combination of 50% sand and 50% peat moss, as per my article on our web site Taking Cuttings.

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