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Discouraging Woodpeckers

Could you help us? We are having a problem with a woodpecker that loves to peck on our house. Do you have any suggestion on how we can get rid of them?

If they are actually trying to make holes in the house, wrap those areas with cheesecloth. If on the other hand they are sharpening their beak or making noise to let others know of their presence, you can cover those areas with foam.


Transplanting Huckleberries

Can wild huckleberries be transplanted? Also is there a "male and female" plant? I ask this because where I pick, two bushes side by side can have distinctly different size and quantity of berries.

Yes, they can be transplanted with a root ball of soil, but you need to start with small plants. The large ones usually have not developed enough of a compact root system, and the extensive root system (which is cut back) cannot support the larger sized plants. The best time to transplant is during the months of late October, November, December, January and February. One plant will do fine, but two is better. Sometimes quantity and quality are affected by previous year's yield and whether the berries were picked or went to seed.


Apple Tree Scab

I have an apple tree that looks very bad ,it's scraggly and the leaves have black spots. It needs pruning, I just don't know how to take care of it. Can you advise me as to how I can bring this tree back to it's original beauty. I don't know how to prune the tree either but I'm learning. So any advice would be very helpful. I'm not sure what type of apple tree it is but the apples are beautiful and very tasty.

It sounds like the tree has 'apple scab' a disease that affects the leaves, fruit and can even appear on the branches. Your 'county extension agent' will have a bulletin on when to spray and what to use. They will also have a bulletin on pruning and shaping fruit trees. These two information sheets will be of a lot more help, then I could ever give you by email. The Cooperative Extension Service' in your area will be listed in the white pages of your phone directory, under County Government.


New Zealand Spinach

Wow do I love New Zealand Spinach. If it isn't true spinach, what is it? I couldn't get enough of it. I live on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and it grew and grew and never bolted. It is so succulent and tasty. Please tell me more about it and how you came upon it. I will be trying to find all I can get to give to friends. Great for Alaska!

Yes, we sell a lot of the seed throughout Alaska and here in the Pacific Northwest. Tetragonia expamsa is a native of New Zealand, discovered by Captain Cook in the 1770's. He found it to be a valuable source of vitamin C.

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