Moon Sign Gardening Comments

Below are some of the comments that we received during 1996 and 1997 from people who used our Moonbook for gardening.

I am writing a short commentary with respect to the growing season of 1997 and reporting some results I noticed after planting against the moon signs and then planting with the moon signs.

I bought two separate perennial f lower seed patches the first week of June 1997. They were both sold by the same company and were made up of the same seeds. I planted one patch the against the moon sign the first week of June in the sunniest part of the yard (7 - 8 hours of constant sun, away from any fencing or other shadows). The second patch I planted with the moon sign, three weeks later near the end of June (next to a fence on it's southern side, 5 hours of intermittent sun). Both patches were watered in the same way, for the same amount of time, at the same time.

The plant growth in the patch I planted with the moon sign 3 weeks later in the season with less light overtook that of the patch planted against the moon sign. The former grew taller and put out many more flowers than the patch sown with the moon sign. The cosmos in the patch sown against the moon sign had not even blossomed by the first frost in mid-September and consequently, never blossomed.

Although every other chore that I did by the moon signs proved that going with the signs rather than against them gave much better results, the above was the most significant difference that I can report.

I love your moon sign guide and will continue to go by it. The art of growing anything is unpredictable in the best of settings. Working with the proper moon sign simply shifts the odds for success a little more in my direction and gives a better chance for outstanding results.

Gretchen Mutaf

I won't plant a single seed without it.

S.V. Campbell, CA

I love this little book & have told many about it!

M.A. Maple Valley, WA

I'm new to home ownership and found mowing schedule very restrictive, until I used your moon schedule.  I didn't have to mow nearly as often as my neighbors.

D.F. Arvada, CO

I love your book & always use it for planting.

D.M. Rainier, OR

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