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What is gardening by the Moon?

Moon gardening is certainly nothing new. It has been passed down through many generations. There are firm believers in moon gardening today who will not plant anything unless a favorable moon sign is indicated.

Just as the moon's gravitational pull influences the ocean's tide, it is theorized that it also influences the movement of fluids contained in plants. Moon gardening is based on this belief. It has not been scientifically proven or disproved but subscribers report continued success from this method.

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About our booklet.

2017 MoonbookOur Garden Almanac serves as a handy reference guide for the best dates for mowing, fertilizing, harvesting, canning, drying, and grafting. Dates are included for watering and composting. There is a wealth of information in the booklet that will lead you to successful gardening. This booklet can be adapted to anywhere in the United States and Canada, weather permitting.  Remember, this booklet serves only as a guide; good gardening practices are still essential.  $1.79

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