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Petunias Not Blooming

I bought several packets of petunia seeds, mixed and have several trays of big beautiful lush plants. But no blooms. is there someting else to be done with them to make them bloom? I have a greenhouse they are in. Really would appreciate some info on this. I was really surprised they aren't blooming an ddisappointed.

It's a bit early for them to bloom (early May), even in the greenhouse, with the weather we have been experiencing. You can push them a little with a bloom type fertilizer, like Alaska Mor' Bloom 0-10-10.

Lilac Garden

Can you tell me where the Lilac garden that was on your show is located? I understand that it is near Kelso/Longview area.

It's in Woodland, Washington about 15 to 20 miles south of Kelso/Longview. The Hulda Klager Garden, 115 S. Pekin Road, Woodland, WA (360) 225-8996 www.lilacgarden.com

Madrona Care

I have a couple Arabis 'volunteer' trees that I would like to know how I should prune and best preserve them. I have had some die off in the past for no apparent reason but were getting water and just left to grow. Yet a neighbor cut theirs down to the base and it bushed up with suckers within a few months. What did we do wrong? Is it practice to prune them down from the top or the sides? What fertilizer is good for them? How can one attempt to transplant one? It is growing into the street and is now only about two feet tall.

Madrona's are not easy to move and should not be pruned unless absolutely necessary. They have been suffering from cultural, disease and pollution problems in recent years. They are a native tree and do not require a lot of attention. Sometimes the biggest problem is over care, too much water and fertilizer. In other words they thrive on a certain amount of neglect.

Weed Control in Moss

I am intersted in growing ground cover moss (Sagina moss), but finding weeds and grass to be a problem for the moss.  How can we keep our moss free of weeds?

Pulling the weeds is probably going to be your best bet. You can paint the weeds and grasses with a product like Round-Up, but it must be applied only to the leaves of the weeds and grasses and not the moss. A paint brush, sponge or rag can be used if this method is used. Wear gloves and a face mask.

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