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Discouraging Deer & Other Animal Pests

Last week I was delighted to hear you mention the motion sensor sprinklers for deer. I have been trying to find some for well over a year. Can you please give me some suppliers?

Sorry, I do not have a specific source for the sprinklers. The ones my son uses came directly from a wholesale nursery supplier. Even at wholesale, they were fairly expensive (about $70 each as I remember). You can find more information at Contech or ask a local nursery to order them for you.

Rust on Raspberries

There are small orange dots all over the leaves of  my raspberry bushes. I'm guessing it's some type of fungus. I've also noticed some tiny (1/4") white and black caterpillars munching on the leaves.

Is there anything that can be done? I really don't like the idea of spraying any chemicals on the plants since a lot of berries have already started.

The orange dots are probably rust, although they could also be copper spot disease. For rust it is best to cut back the old raspberry canes as soon as they have fruited. Throughout the season pick-up all fallen leaves and discard them. Then in the fall cultivate around the raspberries to eliminate the infection source. You can pick off the caterpillars or treat them with a vegetable dust or spray. Most 'Vegetable' type sprays or dusts are quite environmentally friendly. Read and follow label instructions.

Training a Wisteria to Tree Shape

How do I train, prune, my new wisteria to stay a tree shape? I purchased it this spring and would like it to have the tree form. Please help if you can.

First, you train it up a post or pipe, when it grows to the height you want simply pinch out the tip, top growth. Then as it forms the tree shape, prune and thin much like you would any tree. If the branches get too long and begin hanging too close to the soil, prune them back in an informal shape.

Black-spot on Roses

We would like to know what we can do about black spots (and sometimes the entire leaf) of our roses turning black. It appears to only be on our heirloom rose. Any suggestions?

I am told the American Rose Society recommends Ortho's Funginex for the control of Mildew and Black-spot on roses. Read and follow label instructions.

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