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Moving a Large Tree During Summer

We have just added on a new building and right where the front door and side walk goes is a beautiful fir of somekind.I call it a Christmas tree fir because it's so nice.It's not a Dwarf Alberta Spruce.It's approx. 18-20 ft.tall and maybe 8-10 wide with branches at base.the needles are close to 1.5" long. Ok,the problem,it has to be moved or cut down.I would really love to save it if possible.I've heard you talk about a product that you can spray on plants before transplant to help them.Would this help or is it to big?It's probably the worst time of year to even try to move it but I have no choice.We do have access to large backhoes and such.

Your chances of success of moving a tree that large at this time of year are not very good. November to February would be the best time. But even then I think you would need the assistance of a professional. There is a firm in Snohomish, Washington that moves big trees, you might check and see what they would charge. They have special digging equipment and the experience. Ty Hickman is the owner, and the firm name is 'BIG TREES, INC', (360) 563-2700.

Discouraging Rabbits

I am wondering if your mole "solution" will also get rid of rabbits? They are eating new seedlings and just ate to the ground seven new plants. Expensive rabbit food! If the mole "solution" is not the one for rabbits, do you have a suggestion?

The 'Mole' solution coats the insects with the Castor Oil which creates an undesirable taste when the moles eat them. So consequently the moles move on where the insects taste better. Fencing is the best way to control rabbits. However, there are a few repellents that seem to work for a while. One is Scoot Rabbit. The motion sensor sprinklers also work, but they are a little expensive.

Spindly Roses

Why are my rose bushes so spindly? I pruned them following instructions, I cut off the dead branches, I cut at the "bud" etc, but they are still spindly, I'd really like to have a pretty rose garden what do I need to do differently?

Roses that are getting too much nitrogen will become spindly. Plant them in a sunny spot, feed them monthly during the growing season, but use a low nitrogen food.

Volunteer Pumpkins

Will a volunteer Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin plant produce pumpkins?

Atlantic Giant is a non-hybrid, so it will produce true to type. In fact, pumpkin enthusiasts often save only the seeds from their biggest pumpkins to plant the following year in the hope that they will produce ever bigger pumpkins.

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