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Dolomite Lime for Moss

. You recommended using "lime" to get rid of moss in flower gardens.  What type of lime ? granulated or powder ? and how much ?

Use 40 lbs. of 'Dolomite lime' per 1,000 square feet….which equals 10 lbs. per 250 square feet.

Lemons to Deter Deer

We have a real deer problem and a big area of gardens.  How big do you make the stakes for the lemons and how far apart do you put them?

You use the rind of the lemons, 'ground-up' and spread them around the base of the plants the deer are eating. Or, if it's a tree or larger sized plant hang the ground-up rinds in a mesh bag or nylon sock at the deer's nose level….usually 4 to 5 feet. Hope that helps.

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Diagnosing Lawn Problems

With spring here a lot of us need help with our lawns. My lawn is two years old and seems to be dying a slow death no matter what I do. I fertilize spring and fall. Add lime and iron. I have attached some pics that help to determine my problem.

Sorry, we do not download any attachments here at the company, due to security issues. Take a sample of the lawn 6X6 inches into a 'Certified Nursery-person' at your local nursery/garden center. Call first and be certain they have a 'certified-person' on staff. Then they can make an on the spot diagnosis for you. By the way ,if you get a chance read my chapter on "lawns" in my new book 'Gardening with Ed Hume, northwest gardening made easy'. I think you'll get some good ideas on lawn care from the chapter. Also, watch the newspapers and if I am in your area I would be happy to examine a piece of the lawn for you.

Rhubarb Bolting

Our year-old rhubarb plant is about to bolt - should we cut this off and hope for more leaves or....?

Yes, cut it out right away, unless your object is to collect and save the seeds. The blossom robs the nutrients from the plant and definitely affects the value of the stocks.

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