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Internet Gardening Sites

A listing of some of the sites that we think are interesting and useful.  If you have some favorite gardening sites that you'd like to share, send us email with a brief description of the site and its URL, to HumeSeeds@aol.com.  Please note that we are not necessarily endorsing the companies, products or opinions that are part of the sites.  We just think the sites may be of interest to you.


Informational Sites

These sites have a generally high informational content.


Commercial Sites

  • Cascade Compost - A great source for compost in Western Washington.
  • Hume Seed Finder - Useful seed planting tool.  Not affiliated with Ed Hume Seeds
  • Molbaks - A full service retail nursery in the Pacific NW.  Yes, they carry our seeds.
  • Plantea Website - Need more information about the Plantea you bought from our seed rack? or maybe just larger quantities?  or just some info about growing in a truly cool climate (Alaska)?  Try this website created by the Marion Owen.
  • Sky Nursery - A full service retail nursery in the Pacific NW.  Yes, they carry our seeds.
  • Steelabilia - Metal garden art and trellises.
  • What's Cooking America - Edible Flowers - A great spot to get recipes that use edible flowers.  Be sure to read their guidelines on eating flowers, first.
  • Windmill Nursery- A local NW Nursery.  Yes, they do carry our seeds.
  • YourGarden.com - An app for sharing garden photos.
  • See why daylilies are the perfect perennial. - Daylilies, native of the orient are perfect for ornamental gardens, container gardening, perennial landscaping and much more.
  • Windowbox.com - A source for the information and supplies you need to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs in any container on your porch, deck, terrace, patio, or windowsill.
  • Seed Genie - Promotional packet custom designs.


Non-Gardening Sites

  • Northwest Harvest - Fighting Hunger in Washington State since 1967.
  • South Passage Outfitters - Just across from Glacier Bay, the place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers to experience the real Alaska.

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