Ballard Seed Machine

Ballard - Brown Bag Seed Packaging Machine

The Ballard Seed Machine Company is now under new ownership!

In June of 2001 we at Ed Hume Seeds bought the entire inventory of Ballard Seed Packet Filling Machine parts.  Our goal is to continue to support the companies in the seed industry that use Ballard Machines.  Those of you that use these machines know that, while they are not high tech (they've been in use for over 100 years), they are reliable, serviceable and considerably less expensive than competitive seed packaging machines.  We've been using these machines since 1977 and package millions of packets of seeds every year.

If you're currently using a Ballard, please have patience with us during our start up phase as we may not have all parts readily available. (We're still trying to figure out what we have and what is missing.)  We'd really like to encourage you to contact us and let us know what your needs are, so that we can better serve you.  This is all pretty new to us, so we'd like to meet the Ballard Seed Machine community and get suggestions for improvements to these venerable machines.

For parts, service, to inquire about a rebuilt machine or to give us suggestions or feedback, contact Joe at 800-383-4863 or email us at


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