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Transplanting Blueberries

. Could you tell me what is the best time of year to transplant blueberries and the best method to do so?

Blueberries are generally quite easy to transplant. They tend to have a fibrous, compact root system. Established plants need to have soil attached to the roots, so do not dig them bare-root. Add lots of organic humus, such as processed manure (the bagged stuff) and compost/peat moss with your existing soil. The best time to transplant them is during the winter dormant season months of November, December, January, February up to about mid-March.

Repairing Mole Damage

I think I have sent the moles packing with the caster oil formula. I am now left with a yard with many dirt mounds and runways that have sunk or collapsed. What remains of the grass is in good shape but the lawn is rutted and has the tell tale signs of mole hills.

The problem with tilling and then replanting is that you have to contend with the sod and roots of the previous planting. I think it's best to top dress with topsoil or a combination of topsoil and sand, then reseed those areas. Use the same type/brand of seed, as you did before.

Another way, is to pull back the sod, fill in the low areas with topsoil, and then replace the turf. I know this is more work, but it looks nice right away. And, the entire lawn remains the same.

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NW Apricot Varieties

We live in the Seattle area, and are interested in planting an Apricot tree. Can you recomend a variety for this region, and also, any tips on growing and maintaining this tree?

Apricots grow best in full sun in soil that is well drained. The variety generally recommended for here is 'Puget Gold'. It was developed by Wash. State University and takes our cool spring weather better than most others. It can be maintained at about 15 feet in height and is self-pollinating. Harglow, is another variety suitable for west of the Cascades.

Seeds Per Package

The amounts on your packages, are they enough for a garden that feeds a family, not just a hobby? How do I convert 'g' and 'mg' to an amount I can understand?

Yes, we try to package more than enough for an average garden. At the low end (very expensive tomato seeds) you would get 20 to 25 seeds (which is a lot of tomatoes). At the upper end (inexpensive seeds like carrots or cabbage) you would get hundreds of seeds in a packet.

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